Newborn Safety

It is always a huge privilege to be asked to photograph your brand new babies and I want you to feel comfortable throughout your little one’s portrait experience, so keeping your precious newborn safe is paramount for me.

When photographing newborns, it doesn’t have to be complicated. The simplest of images are often the most beautiful and treasured, although sometimes I do enjoy adding sweet props, especially when you have brought something personal to your family with you. When doing this I put my years of training and experience into use- I have received full training in the safe wrapping and posing techniques I use, and am also a professional-level member of baby safety association, BANPAS (

I believe it’s very important to understand babies and what they’re capable of when handling them, so these are the safety rules I have in place for my studio…

  • I never leave a baby unattended in a prop- you will be asked to assist
  • I will always ask you to be spotter next to your baby when using props
  • A hand or finger will support your baby- I will remove it later in Photoshop
  • I will not force baby into any pose, but instead pay close attention to their reactions and then adjust them to where they are comfortable
  • I will always take care when shooting above your baby
  • I will never put a baby inside or on an object/prop that could potentially break or fall- everything in my studio has been tested for strength and stability
  • Glass props will never be used.

You may have seen some amazing props and poses during your search for a photographer but I can’t stress enough how important it is to know how they were safely created. Some are composite images that will be multiple images put together in Photoshop.  Composite images are the only way to really ensure the safety of the baby when doing poses like the ‘froggy’ or ‘cocoon’. During your shoot I will explain what’s involved when creating these set ups as I will need you to assist. Besides, Dads love being in charge of health and safety!

If Baby becomes uncomfortable at any stage, I will move onto the next pose, using my judgement to decide whether it can be done safely or not. If your baby isn’t going into a position easily or is showing signs of discomfort by waking or wriggling it’s time to move on or bring the session to a close. Depending on how far we are into your session, we may decide to rebook another session altogether- sometimes Baby just isn’t in the mood, and that’s ok- we can try again another day.


And remember that every baby is different. They will all have their comfy spot so need to be worked with and photographed individually and thoughtfully. So be assured that you and your family are in safe hands when I create your beautiful images! If you have any questions, please ask, I am always happy to help.

For more information on Angel Face newborn portraits, or any other session type, contact me here

Jay x