Newborn Portraits

* * *  West Midlands Newborn Photographer of the Year 2017/18/19 * * *

Your new baby’s £75 Angel Face portrait session includes:

  • 2-3 hours of magical session, where I gently create stunning works of art with your new baby

  • a session designed with your help, choosing the colours, props and outfits you love

  • many hours of skilled and loving editing to bring your new baby’s art to life

  • a gallery of up to 25 finished images for you to choose from (no digital files or products are included)

  • a personal viewing and ordering appointment on the World’s comfiest sofa, where you will choose your final images and products!

Choosing Me as Your Newborn Photographer

(or, what’s most important to you?)

Why choose me when there are so many others out there?
• Because I don’t compromise on quality or, most importantly, safety when your most precious bundle is involved
• I’ve been a photographer for over 20 years (gulp), and a newborn specialist for 10, even winning a few national and international awards!
• At no time EVER do I put your beautiful baby at risk: I don’t attempt some poses unless I can see Baby is perfectly comfortable doing it, and I’ve learnt about your baby’s physiology (where not to place or bend limbs, even how not to impair breathing- it really is that important!)
• Not everything is as it may seem because some of my portraits are 2 or 3 pictures layered together in Photoshop, with the hands that are keeping Baby safe removed- it’s the safest way to create magic!
• Cheap photography isn’t great, and great photography isn’t cheap: a great photographer invests in their skills and their business, so when you choose me you know that I’ve trained with some of the best, even training others, and I let the quality of your finished images speak for themselves
• Photographing your baby, being trusted to hold and take care of them, is a huge honour and an absolute joy, that I will never take it for granted
• I will spend many hours hand editing in my own special style, creating perfect works of art for you to treasure, making beautiful portraits for you and your family that you will treasure

What happens next?
Call or email me to check your due date is still available, then simply pay a £75 booking fee that will secure one of only THREE sessions I shoot each week at my beautiful NEW boutique studio near Leominster, and then we wait for Baby to arrive!

No obligation to purchase, simply buy what you LOVE

Find my FULL product guide HERE*

*Payment plans are available with some purchases, please ask for details.

Contact me HERE for more details, or call: 07901 862 114 for a friendly chat