My corporate headshot service has seen me working with people from all backgrounds and professions across the Midlands, all the way to London and beyond, but the goal is always the same: create a business-like headshot that conveys a friendly, likeable and approachable appearance, whilst also maintaining the image of professionalism and expertise.

I believe a good business headshot can say a lot about somebody, and I will tailor my shooting style to suit your profession using a variety of techniques and styling to achieve this, plus of course discussing and listening to you and your team’s needs, from classic boardroom, to cool creative.

Or perhaps you are looking for creative portrait photography to showcase your own creativity and artistic flair? As a Master Photographer I have lots of skill and tricks up my sleeves to do just that.

As well as a full studio experience in Leominster, Herefordshire, my corporate portrait service is also completely mobile and it takes just 30 minutes to set up.

Contact me HERE for full details and to book your shoot or call: 01568 614 530