Newborn Sessions:

Q. When should I book?

A. Ideally before Baby is born- my diary fills quickly, so it's best to book as soon as possible after your 20-week scan to avoid disappointment. I do, however keep a couple of sessions available each month for anyone who leaves things a bit late!

Q. What is the ideal age for Baby to be photographed?

A. Between 4 and 12 days is ideal, as this is when Baby is still curled and sleepy, making those adorable poses possible.

Q. What if my baby is older than 12 days, is it too late?

A. No, it's not too late, experience has shown me that even babies a little older make beautiful subjects, and we can still use most of the same props and backgrounds.

Q. What should Baby wear?

A. Newborns are perfect without clothes, and I love to swaddle them in soft blankets, or pose them snugly in perfect props- of course, Baby's modesty is protected at all times!  I provide beautiful bonnets, hats and outfits that perfectly compliment each set-up, but if you have any blankets, jewellery, soft toys or props you may like included in a couple of images, please bring them along. I specialise in hats and helmets, but parents have also brought guitars and other momentoes!

Q. Can I bring my other children?

A. Absolutely! I love photographing siblings as they snuggle their new brother or sister. I do recommend they come at either the very start or very end of the session only, though- the studio is VERY warm and the sessions can last for up to 3 hours, which isn't ideal for keeping small people boredom-free.

Q. Can my partner and I have pictures taken with our Baby?

A. Of course- they're some of my favourite shots! Please bring a couple of items of plain clothing each (white/black/neutral t-shirts/vests/shirts)


In General:

Q. What happens if we're running late?

A. We understand that leaving then house with a newborn can be stressful and time-consuming, but ask that you please plan your journey in advance and allow additional time for busy traffic at peak times to ensure that your session starts on time and we are not rushed. If you expect to be more than ten minutes late please call to advise.

For non-newborn sessions your allocated appointment is a one hour session so if you arrive late this time will be deducted from your session.
We will have other sessions booked in that day so your time cannot be changed or extended.

Q. We're having a family shoot, what should we all wear?

A. First and foremost, you need to be comfortable i your clothes, this makes for happy, relaxed pictures! I terms of colours, please make sure you are all wearing colours that compliment: no brights or bold patterns as my backgrounds are all neutral and/or soft. For example: shades of soft blue and/or greens, shades of soft pinks and/or fawn, plain white t-shirts/shirts and jeans. Bring a couple of items each, so we can mix things up for different images.

Q. What if someone is ill?

A. Everyone gets ill at some point, so all I ask is that if anyone in your home has a sickness bug please let me know as soon as possible so we can reschedule, and that all your family are sickness-free for 48 hours before coming in to the studio. This is of great importance to avoid passing on anything nasty to the tiny people I frequently have at the studio.


How does it all work?

Q. What will I receive for my session fee?

A. Every fee includes the session itself, up to 20 beautifully crafted images for you to choose from (as proofs only, not prints), a private viewing/ordering session a few weeks after your shoot, a print credit towards any of my printed products (not digital files), PLUS a gorgeous 10x8 acrylic block print OR 16x12 canvas. NB. Please read you session info carefully.

Q. But I only want a few prints...

A. As a quality studio, I provide a high-level of service and high-quality products for you to display your beautiful images in the best way possible, giving you many years of enjoyment, which means I do not sell individual, unframed prints. I have sourced wall art, folios, print boxes and albums specifically with this in mind, but if you wish to make your own prints, I recommend purchasing digital files (either singly or as collections) as you will then be able to make as many prints as you wish.

Q. How much do most people spend?

A. On average, my clients spend between £500 and £1200 on their sessions and products. Everyone's budget is different and I will do my best to advise you on the best items for yourselves and your homes. For those who wish to spread the cost a little, I am able to offer a payment plan in the form 3 separate payments, with the final balance due on collection of your items.

Q. How long will it all take?

A. I will arrange your ordering session at the end of your shoot, for approximately 3 weeks later. After ordering and paying for your products, you will receive them up to 4 weeks later, with digital items being delivered either by email or USB within 48 hours where possible. NB. Payment must be made in full, or the first of your 3 payments (if you have chosen my payment plan) at your ordering session.

Q. How can I make payment?

A. I am able to accept cash, cheque, credit card or bank transfers.