Master Photographer Awards!


Lovely Angels (and their mummys and daddys), please wish me luck- tomorrow night are the glamourous Master Photographer Awards- and these 4 gorgeous babies have all received Merit awards,
which automatically put me in the running for Newborn Photographer of the Year!
I'm hugely honoured to be recognised by such a prestigious professional body, especially as I only received my Master Photographer qualification in March this year. Joining the MPA is all part of my continuing photography journey,
growing and learning along the way, helped by a wonderful and hugely talented mentor. I may have been a professional photographer for 20 years, but there is always much to achieve!
Win or lose, the evening promises to very exciting, and I can't wait to cheer everyone on, surrounded by some of the top photographers in the World!
I shall let you know how I get  this Monday (fuzzy head permitting!)
Jay x
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