I love photographing new babies, capturing their earliest days...
This is a time when many parents are equally excited AND exhausted, I know I was, but with all the visitors, learning Baby's routine, getting to grips with the car seat and lack of sleep, I didn't manage to get anything much more than quick snaps of my daughter- and I'm a photographer!
So this is where I come in for you: on hand to create beautiful portraits of your quickly changing little one, images you will look back on and wonder how they could ever have been that small and sleepy? As Baby grows into a cheerful sitter, a mischievous toddler, then suddenly a primary-schooler, those beautiful pictures on your walls will have even more meaning.
You may feel that a portrait shoot is out of your budget at this time, or just prefer something more natural, less posed- but did you know I offer 2 different types of shoot?
My very popular LUXEbaby is a full newborn experience and has several hours shooting with lots of gorgeous props and styling, so I have now added the PUREbaby shoot with a more stripped back, natural style, it's just an hour or so long, with fewer images to choose from BUT it includes 5 digital files and 5 7x5 fine art prints. It still has the loving care and attention to detail I include in all my portrait sessions, but just a more simple approach.
I would love you to have beautiful portraits of your tiny baby because I know you will treasure them for many, many years to come, so please get in touch and we will plan the perfect shoot for you!
Jay x